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Should have called it 'Bleach and Clean'

Press enter.

How do you start playing????? In the start screen all i see is start,zen mode,credits,and quit and when I press the buttons displayed on the screen it just keeps flipping??!!!?

how do you download it


loved it, played it for a long time lol


fajna gierka podoba mi sie ale minecraft lepszy. nigdy z ludzmi siedzacymi nie umiem posprzatać

why when I try to download it, it says that this game is unavailable, has changed its name, or is not up anymore???????


For everyone who doesn't know how to start the game. It's the Enter button.


doesn't download  . waste of time  actually




I have not started playing and I'm already loving it. Quite a clever pun that title




With the Enter Button. It took me a while to figure out.

umm its good


on windows how i start

its actually a pretty fun game but I feel it takes a lot of my computer's space..

anyways <3 it!

i cant download on my windows either

Deleted post

Because it's only for windows


i cant figure out how to even start the game


So many dirty rooms, so many toilets uncleaned... and so many fun packages to give! Even made a video playing  this game!



This game was great.  I really enjoy the way that you made a maid simulator game so very unique.  You really thought out of the box.  Including explosives into a cleaning game I thought was a good Idea.  If you were to include a new Item in the game, may I suggest a cleaning bomb.  Maybe a grenade that functions like a tear gas grenade.  


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2 games in 1 :)

0.00 - Drunken Dad Simulator

5.18 - Breach & Clean

Click HERE for more videos like this one!

really like the game very cool and fun like the idea also with the bombs super funny cant wait for more!!


I absolutely loved this! It was so much fun haha especially using dynamite to open locked doors. Keep up the great work guys! 

such a awesome game had heaps of fun and made a funny moments to help promote your game 

i just uploaded my gameplay of this game, it was pretty cool :D

Funny game :)


how do i play

I love dis game

Made an account just to download the game and I still can't. How nice.

did you look at the right side bar on app

it wont start .-.

Its not like it'll hack my computer, right?!


Ima just do it ;-;

It says I need another thing idk if its an app or..IDK but do I need to just to play this game?

i love this game

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