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I have downloaded the game on the website and the download button is no longer there. However on app it says that I need to download it and I can't because the button has gone.. Any ideas???

I cant find where to download the game I even tried going to and it didn't work I am going to keep trying let me now if somebody found out how to download this game...

I have some very big lag issues with this, mabye you can add a Graphics Setting?

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Question: Is there a way to exit the game or change any in-game settings? Couldn't find a menu for settings and to close I had to Alt+Tab out and close window.

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You can use the arrow keys to scroll through when you first load the game

Ooooh that's what that arrow next to Start was about. Thanks!

it worked for me

i can't download. Can someone help me with this?

i can't download. Can someone help me with this?

you need to download this


after you did you gotta search and install the game from this platform.. should work

The game is not seting up properly, help would be appreaciated :)


it say when I launch the game this: "Its last words were: spawn UNKNOWN" How to fix it?


It dosen't download! I'm a gaming Youtuber called CaptainJac TV and I can't download it. Please fix this in the near future.

you need to download this


its not downloading why ?????? i see a lot of youtubers playing it but i can't download it !!!!

please fix it !!!! i really want to play it :(

you need to download this

I downloaded it but still not work, when i press launch it says error

I downloaded it but still not work, when i press launch it says error



how to download!!! كيف احمله مايتحمل مادري كيف?????Download

you need to download this

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i do no

you need to download this

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you need to download this


you need to download this


I had the same problem with it not downloading, but I found a way. First I downloaded the app thing: then you just sign in once you finished downloaded it and download the game from there and it will actually download from there. Hope this helped anyone that had problems like me :

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Out of video memory and can't launch the game. Lower the min specs?

Min specs are low already. lol


It doesn't download the game when i press download and didn't even downloaded it HELP ME PLSS I WANT THIS GAME!

It might be a bug, I can't download it too.

Download the app, sign in or register and dowload it from there

It says my file is invalid? Please help, I really want to play this game.

It is saying there is two .dll files missing. Can someone help me, please?

I cant even download it...


Will there be a setting so the player can change the graphics for the game? I have a some-what old laptop, and I would like a lag-free rage-full experiance. :3




Unclear regarding when you may use elevator again.



I like this game, but it's so slow on my computer and barely playable because of it. I definitely will play it again once there is a lower graphics setting implemented.

Agreed. It runs sorta fine on my laptop, but there are still those points where looking around and exploding rooms causing lag spikes. > . >

I loved this game so much, especially the moment I saw the TNT on the cart! I now may look into a promising career as a cleaning man!

This certainly is an interesting one ^^ Never knew housekeepers were issued dynamite XD

I made a Let's Play too >.> Hope I did this game justice!


Awesome game! would love to see more like this :DD (p.s the people are rude XD)


Breach & Clean is a simple game. It's one of those mindless entertainment games where the premise is simple, but it's still pretty fun.

The graphics remind me of the blocky, low poly style of Jazzpunk. The sounds and music are pretty good as well. The gameplay's simple... almost too simple. One you get the hang of things and breach your tenth hotel room with TNT, the novelty wears off relatively quickly.

There isn't much depth to Breach & Clean, but there isn't supposed to be. It's a quirky game that's worth the download, if even for the short-lived novelty of the concept. Nice job!

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She didn't want that toilet paper :(

How do i not annoy the guests?

Hey! I like the game so far, but I had a question about the gameplay. How do you prevent from getting fired when cleaning locked rooms?

Hi! The guests get annoyed when they see you in their room. It's represented by question mark or exclamation mark above their head. Basicly you need to leave the room and wait a bit for them to cool their nerves down.

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The mark of a truly great hotel cleaner is that the guests never know they're there- well apart from the fact that there floor is now clear of discarded fish and vomit.

Great job on the game team, you've managed to make mopping and towel replacement enjoyable! Oh, and the dynamite helps too.

appreciate the kind words!

Are you coming out for a version for mac as i am unable to play your game through wine. please let me know if you do

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