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Damn this game was fun to play :D Wish there would be a co-op option and more rooms on one floor ( i completed only 2 floors lol )





I liked it. The blue people were annoying.

Don't click

where do we go to start it once were done downloading it.

Wow...Such great and funny game! But i can't open the game...

P.S.:I am don't speak english wery well, sorry about that XЗ

Almost impossible to do things without getting frustrated quickly. It would be a lot easier if you could push the cart in some other way than just bumping up against it.


Extremely Fun Game!

Great game! It's really funny! Here's my let's play!

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Have a great weekend!

very nice game

big file but I can't wait!

i cnat what to star to paly it



umm it take five hours to down load

There is either a problem with your computer or your internet as i downloaded the game in a minute.

Dude I Downloaded Mine in 13 mins bro you've got either a Sucky computer or..... You've got bad internet

YAY!! Its downloading..Been wanting to play this for a while just never figured it out.

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Really, support these developers! Such a fun game, great and original idea! :D try it out!

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Thanks and have a great dayyy!!

General Nuker Gamechannel

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great game. almost want me to work on a real hotel lol .. anyway i made a video of it . hope you like it


Can anyone please upload the file to somewere I have been trying for age's to download please help me

Did you get the app? I've found some games won't download if you try to get them from a browser, and will only work via the itch-app.

Amazing game!


Really had a BLAST playing this game :D So original! Check out my let's play!
Support this game and help them further develop it!
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Thanks guys! :D

I'm not sure how to calm the guests. I walk in, pick up an apple core, and they start yelling at me. I also get fired randomly in Zen Mode, always at the 5-hour mark. Was the timer not properly removed for Zen Mode?

I cant play this game,when i want to start it it says its not a valid win32 application.Help please...

Great game, had a lot of fun playing it! Love the idea with the dynamite!

Awesome game! I enjoyed it thoroughly!

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YouTube name : MastaCGaming

Is polska! Is pierogi and flaczki! Ja polska too! Is gut engrish.

Loved this! It's a lot of fun.

what should you do if the game lags

re-download it or restart your laptop/computer.

I am a little late on this, but it was so much fun to play! It's such a simple idea and yet, it was, and pardon the pun, a blast!

Can't wait to see more awesome work!

Hey Great Game! Made a Video Here:

i cant turn my character to face forward



Let's annoy some Guests at my favorite Hotel! I mean... clean their Rooms...

Fun game! Funny rooms inside too.

i think this game should be free and available for macOS too

it is free


how do i play??

Awesome game! Super duper fun! I loved trying to get around the people in the rooms and blowing the doors open with TNT. You can check out my gameplay below but you have to play it for yourself!

ok so WERE DO I PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!


your files

your files

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