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how can i download from the app


Very nice game! Thanks for making a fun game

such a valid link

This Game Is Super Adicting And Fun!!!!

Hi, I downloaded this game, tried to install it and give me this error, what else do I have to do? Thank you.

do you have windows vista? It works for windows 7. you might have windows vista, thats probably why its not working

Download itch. After that search for breach and clean. Then click download. There you go its downloaded

but we have downloaded it its just Idk how to play


Guys, you need to extract the files from the zipped folder in order to play. Just right click (if it's zipped) on the folder and click on "extract all". If you already did this and it doesn't work, I dunno what to tell you. But ya. In order to play any downloaded game you need to extract the files. Hope this helped.

COME ON! Let me play! It shows it as a folder!

How!? I want to play it!


IDK I couldnt get in either 


how do u play the game!


Just press enter

:O DID HE?!?!?!?:OOO

hay i remember a few years ago jacksepticeyeplayed this so I play it

I like this game if game open in 32 bit I was do video


how do we play it?.???

This Game Was So Fun!

How do I see my file

hi people how yall ben


I couldn't get onto this game even after I downloaded the software!!!!! Please can somebody helo me????? :3

Fun game, very entertaining however there isn't as much as I'd like to do in the game.


how do u even get into the game ugh rip off




how is it a ripoff if its FREE

The game is FREE It cnat be a rip off!

 You just dont have the inteligents to do somthing so simple

i love it

How do i download this!!???

How do i download this!!???

IT TOOK FOREVER TO DOWNLOAD!!! It had to do it zip by zip


nice! but when you knock the people should answer the door. i feel like it would be a nice touch.

you should have made a mac edition aswell



cool game

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An interesting and fun game, I like the concept, it's like Viscera Cleanup Detail but you're not cleaning up after wars. The visuals are clean and not too hard to look at. The only thing I'm not too hot on is when I finish a room and the guest decides to get me fired. Fantastic game, otherwise, but you need to make the guests WAY less bitchy, it takes away from the fun when I barely enter a room and get fired. Additionally, sometimes no mess will spawn in a room and merely opening the door grants a "perfect" for that room.

for a year, i still want this on mac D:

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how can i restart game after fired?

Decent game for a laugh! There looks like there is lots more to be added in the near future.

For now though...People need to:

1.. tidy up after themselves

2.. stop being so temperamental when i go to clean up their damn mess!

Enjoy my rage and despair! :D


love this game

i can't get on i tried for an hour and it still hasn't worked

is it saying you need to install microsoft c ++ 2015 even though you already downloaded it? I'm having that problem


uh... there's no instrusction on how to play the game...?

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