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Make another video on it about the zen mode if you'd like to check it out 

this game is amazing!!! luck

Check out my video on it 

i cant play the game

Is he a terrorist or maid?? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ it was fun!

how do you play the game 

Such a fun game!


this was fun 

How do you start?

i think is is enter

How do you close the game?

ALT +F4 should work!

how do you turn the volume down

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It's sooo laggy... I get 10 fps at most. Please add an Options menu.

Deleted 1 year ago

c de la merde je peux meme pas jouer

je veux jouer!!!!!!!!!!!!

300th comment ;)





it best for kid this like a cleaner life can you make another please..... thanks for this game


it doesn't download why?


I cant start the game. I hit the arrows to start but it won't.

on shit this game is bealtful 


this is so funny



I watched Jacksepticeye play this game! It was awesome


so did I!


Me too!

me too


it wont let me in, what do i do. i alredy down loaded the itch-app, and i downloaded the game, but i can't play it.


How do you play???


click left or right shift and the game will start


I really am  excited to play!


how do you play???????????

how long does it take to download on itch?


too long


it downloads depending on how fast your internet is


love this game coming trou a maid


how can i download from the app


Very nice game! Thanks for making a fun game

such a valid link

This Game Is Super Adicting And Fun!!!!

Hi, I downloaded this game, tried to install it and give me this error, what else do I have to do? Thank you.

do you have windows vista? It works for windows 7. you might have windows vista, thats probably why its not working

Download itch. After that search for breach and clean. Then click download. There you go its downloaded

but we have downloaded it its just Idk how to play


Guys, you need to extract the files from the zipped folder in order to play. Just right click (if it's zipped) on the folder and click on "extract all". If you already did this and it doesn't work, I dunno what to tell you. But ya. In order to play any downloaded game you need to extract the files. Hope this helped.

COME ON! Let me play! It shows it as a folder!

How!? I want to play it!

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