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I have not started playing and I'm already loving it. Quite a clever pun that title




With the Enter Button. It took me a while to figure out.

umm its good


on windows how i start

its actually a pretty fun game but I feel it takes a lot of my computer's space..

anyways <3 it!

i cant download on my windows either

Deleted 5 years ago

Because it's only for windows


i cant figure out how to even start the game


So many dirty rooms, so many toilets uncleaned... and so many fun packages to give! Even made a video playing  this game!



This game was great.  I really enjoy the way that you made a maid simulator game so very unique.  You really thought out of the box.  Including explosives into a cleaning game I thought was a good Idea.  If you were to include a new Item in the game, may I suggest a cleaning bomb.  Maybe a grenade that functions like a tear gas grenade.  


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2 games in 1 :)

0.00 - Drunken Dad Simulator

5.18 - Breach & Clean

Click HERE for more videos like this one!

really like the game very cool and fun like the idea also with the bombs super funny cant wait for more!!


I absolutely loved this! It was so much fun haha especially using dynamite to open locked doors. Keep up the great work guys! 

such a awesome game had heaps of fun and made a funny moments to help promote your game 

i just uploaded my gameplay of this game, it was pretty cool :D

Funny game :)


how do i play

I love dis game

Made an account just to download the game and I still can't. How nice.

Deleted 3 years ago
  1. Dowload the Itch-app
  2. Log in to your itch-account on the app
  3. Browse for "Breach and Clean"
  4. Download the game from the app

it wont start .-.


Its not like it'll hack my computer, right?!



Ima just do it ;-;

It says I need another thing idk if its an app or..IDK but do I need to just to play this game?

i love this game

Make another video on it about the zen mode if you'd like to check it out 

this game is amazing!!! luck

Check out my video on it 

i cant play the game

Is he a terrorist or maid?? 😂😂 it was fun!

how do you play the game 

Such a fun game!


this was fun 

How do you start?

i think is is enter

How do you close the game?

ALT +F4 should work!

how do you turn the volume down

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It's sooo laggy... I get 10 fps at most. Please add an Options menu.

Deleted 5 years ago

c de la merde je peux meme pas jouer

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